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Group Shots - What We Need

Group shots (formals) are very important to the Bride and Groom and as you will find out it can get very hot here in Cyprus and this

becomes very notable during group shots, so to help us speed the process up and get the shots that you want please can I request that you provide us with a detailed shot list at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding. 


Below are a few things to take into consideration when deciding on your list. 


1. Allow enough time for Group photos.

2. Each photo can take between 1 - 3 minutes to set up and take the shot.

3. Keep your list to a minimum, your guests will start to get bored after 20 - 30 mins of waiting around.  Group as many shots together as possible. 

4. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. So if we can plan the group photos beforehand then on the day you can let us the professionals look after you. From my point of view, the happier the wedding party is, the easier it is to take great photos of them. 

5. Any additional photos requested on the day we will take these after the list is completed if time allows. 

6. Finally remember it will be hot on the day and you will want to spend time with your guests. 


When writing up your list please let us have the names of the main wedding party Bride & Groom Children, Father of Bride, Mother of Bride, Father of Groom, Mother of Groom, Siblings, Groomsman, Bridesmaids etc.   This will help us identify the VIP’s. 


We like to have someone working with us to help us to round up the next group of guests so we can then concentrate on the current shot.  


Please can you let us know who from your wedding party would be best to help us, this person should be someone who knows who most of the guests are?  It will help us in making things a lot quicker and get you and your guests out of the sun. 


Let us know of any complicated family situations, sometimes the bride or grooms parents maybe divorced or remarried, in situations like this please make us aware as we don’t want to inadvertently cause offence or embarrassment.


If you have elderly or frail family members or friends please let us know their names so when we are arranging the list we can make sure these people are not waiting around for longer than we need them to.


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