Our job as your Cyprus Wedding Photographer is to capture the day as it unfolds. 


The story doesn’t just begin at the ceremony but from the moment you start getting ready, so we have put together a few tips that will help us to capture beautiful images as the day unfolds. 

These might sound harsh but in our experience sticking to these 10 tips help us captured your day the way you want it to be captured. 


1. Keep the room clean.

Don't trash it! Throw away trash, hang extra clothes in closets and hide suitcases, If you keep things as organised as possible then we will have more time to work with you and capturing the photos you want, the same goes with the grooms room where he is getting ready. You could always speak with the hotel reception / wedding planner and ask for the hotel maids to come in early in the morning to clean while you are having breakfast.  If you are staying at a villa try and keep the rooms you will be getting ready in as tidy as possible.  This applies to the outside space as well, balcony, pool area etc. 

2. Lighting in room. 

Make sure the room you will be getting ready in is as bright as possible with natural light, where possible turn off any room lighting, make sure that the curtains / blinds are open.  Natural light makes a massive difference to the overall photo. 


3. Remember less is more. 

If possible Keep the numbers down in your room but make sure the important people are there with you, if you have kids see if you can get a parent or friend to look after them while you are getting ready.  If possible ask your brides maids to get ready in their own rooms, this helps with space and clutter, but make sure they are aware of the timings for the day.  A lot of hotel rooms are quite small and cluttered with furniture so space is at a premium. A little background music and some champagne are a must, as is a sense of humour.

4. Get all your details that you would like photographed in one place. 

To help us save some time please have in one place all of your details that you would like us to capture like rings, shoes, wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, kids clothing, jewellery, flowers, perfume, gifts, cards etc. If you have a special hanger you'd love your dress photographed with put this with the dress.  

5. Share your creative vision with your photographer. 

If you have ideas for specific getting ready shots? Let us know in advance. If you don't communicate your preferences with us, you may miss out on those special pictures you wanted from your day. 

6. Hairdresser /  MUA.

Please make sure we are aware prior to the day what time your make up artist and hairdresser appointments are booked for and where these will be taking place so we can make sure we are with you when at the important times. 

7. Timings.

We would like to spend at least 15 mins with you once you are ready in dress before leaving the room, so please make sure that you are aware of the time. Maybe task you maid of honour or bridesmaid to keep a track of the time and keep you on schedule. 

8. Savour the moments.

The getting ready shots are just as much about the details as they are the candid moments. ”Relax, enjoy yourself, let us do our thing and try to pretend we aren't there. Feel the emotions of the moment and trust that if we need something from you, we'll ask.”

9. Don’t forget the guys. 

Speaking of grooms, while the prep aren't nearly as involved, they'll still need to follow a few basic rules. "We always ask that the groomsmen be fully dressed, and for the groom to be dressed in his shorts / pants and unbuttoned shirt upon arrival, this allows us to take photos of the groom getting ready (buttoning his shirt, tying his tie, putting on his cufflinks, etc.) — then do some quick portraits of the groom alone and with his boys." Quick tip: empty your pockets, gentlemen! "Mobile phones, keys and wallets make for bulging pockets that aren't flattering in the least, if you can leave them in the room or have someone else carry them for you.”


10. THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP:   Give us your Cyprus Wedding Photographer Enough Time

This is so important to allow us capture your day,  the above suggestions are there to help us, if the bride / groom is running late it can have an knock on effect on us capturing the important parts of the day and will decrease the amount of images we are able to shoot and deliver.

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